"If Someone Came Up with a


Don't You Think It Would Make Front Page News ???

Well, Someone DID

But It Hasn't Made
Front Page Yet...

Let Me Tell You About It Now!"


Sound Too Good to be True??

We've all seen wildly exaggerated claims for fever blister products or remedies - and time after time these hyped up treatments fail to deliver what they promise.   

But, just about every day, it seems, thrilled users send letters insisting that this amazing fever blister and Cold Sore home remedy has been a miracle in their lives. 

That it actually has cured their
fever blisters, cold sores and oral herpes quickly, easily, permanently - exactly as promised

[Editors Note: "Fever Blisters", "Oral Herpes", and "Cold Sores" are 3 terms for the same thing - "cold sores" being the most common]

Fever Blister (cold sore) Cured in 2 Days!
"I tried what you said and my cold sore was gone in 2 days - not even the red spot that usually lasts at least a month was there anymore!    All I can say is WOW!  Thank You so much for this!"
                           ...  Beth C., Toronto, Canada

Fever Blister (cold sore) Cured in 3 Days!

"I put your method to work for me 5 days before the wedding ... in less than 24 hours, the cold sore had reduced quite a bit.  It is now 2 days before the wedding and it's completely gone!  I am totally shocked!"  ........Barb K., Denver, CO
Fever Blister (cold sore) Cured in 2 Days!
"2 days and my cold sore was gone.  WOW!  I suffered from cold sores for 20 years.  The cure was right in front of my nose all this time. And to think I was so skeptical that I just about didn't give it a try.  WHEW!  Glad I trusted my gut.  Thanks again Grace.  My whole family is cold sore free!  .......Rick Soletta, Modesto, CA 





Dear Friend:

If you're suffering from a fever blister, then you are in for some Great News!

I suspect you're as fed up with the embarrassment and pain as I was. I used to get about 3 to 4 fever blisters per year - each fever blister lasting about 3-4 weeks, start to finish.

That's over 3 months a year of being seen as "socially unclean".

Sound familiar?

Yes - I tried all the "miracle" fever blister remedies and prescription drugs. Most made no difference at all. At best, it would shorten the duration of the fever blister a few days - no big deal.

(You should be alert too - especially if you are pregnant - prescription fever blister stuff can damage your liver.)

Well, I'd pretty much all but given up on these darn fever blisters, When I accidently met the talented Grace Melgarejo.

Hey - let me introduce YOU to her right now.


I met Grace while I was speaking at a natural health seminar at the University in Madison, Wisconsin in March of 2003.

And, as usually happens, I had a huge fever blister in full "bloom" the day of my talk.

Good grief, it looked like it covered half my face.
(Fever Blisters always seem to show up at the absolute worst times don't they)? 

Anyway, at breakfast I bit it - OUCH - just about put me on the floor!   

I'm just not a big fan of pain -

and Fever Blisters are PURE PAIN aren't they?! 

 At the noon luncheon, Grace came to my table and introduced herself - told me she enjoyed my talk and had noticed my fever blister problem.
Told me she had a "never fail" cure for fever blister outbreaks.
(Yeah - Right!  How many times have we heard
that before?)

When it was time to get back to the seminar, she stuffed a napkin in my hand.  
The next evening, I found that napkin while cleaning out my pockets.

It was her "recipe" for her
fever blister cure.

It seemed way too simple and easy.   But what the heck - won't cost anything to give it a try.  I already had all the stuff in the house that I needed.  (I'm sure YOU do too.)

If you don't, you'll have much bigger problems than fever blisters.  

The next morning - WOW!  

Sweet Relief!   


And that fever blister totally healed up in about 3 days.   (By the way - no fever blister outbreak in about 4 years now!) 

In her cold sore report, Grace reveals her incredible quick and easy fast cure for cold sores & fever blisters

AND it is gentle and safe for kids and pregnant mothers.
Visit Grace's Website and See What All the Excitement is About!

And be sure to read the testimonial from Carol Richards

It tells the whole story in a nutshell.

Amazing, isn't it?  When you've suffered & all but given up - it's right then that God drops the solution in your lap! 

Take Care and God Bless You,
Daryl Remington


It really does work as good as it says!

When you buy Grace's cold sore / fever blister report, if you don't get rid of your fever blister immediately like everyone else, tell Grace and you'll get an instant refund. 
As Grace says: "If I haven't helped you, please tell me. I want to know.  Because then I don't deserve your money!"

Don't you wish more people were that honest and caring?

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